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May 27, 2021 – Jun 26, 2021

We do quality
=Recording vocal with your own beat is R200
=beats all gener (Hip hop trap is R150 marrabenta/amapiano etc... R200
=photoshoots 20 photos R200
=Posters/Busness card etc... @affordable rates. = Musi...

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Father's day special

May 25, 2021 – Jun 13, 2021

Special father's day Gifts and photo packages available to make dad's day extra special

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"We take your ideas to the next level"


My journey was a tough and very long one inded; I’ve learned so much – the important thing is to never give up! – Even when you feel like there is no hope, NEVER GIVE UP!!  Keep trying – Even a bird falls down when trying to fly, but gets right back up and try again! “Talent Creates opportunities to be bigger than you have ever been” I believe in developing habits of the mind that are important for survival; and having a love and passion for music is an amazing tool for teaching, expressing and advocating chance for growth. “As musicians – we bring entertainment, healing, love and passion to a world that desperately needs it!” “Knowledge creates wisdom, wisdom creates power, and power creates strength!” So you can become who you are meant to be!! Everybody deserves an equal chance! Poor/ rich/ black/ white/pink/ blue or purple!!!!! If a person is willing to try – they deserve opportunity to present what they can offer!


Cosmic Entertainment &infamous projects, is a multimedia Creative design, production and entertainment company, supplies professional and creative and  positive, audio and visual entertainment to a diverse, national consumer group. We are committed to wholesome entertainment and projects across the board and firmly believes that our quality palatable entertainment and products can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.

Cosmic Entertainment is composed of  varies internal divisions: Music and video production,  Recording studio, Graphic design and creative services, photography, entertainment and event co-ordination, youth /talent development and Music Healing therapy.  

We have formed an experienced, skilled and award-winning management team. As artists, producers, directors, creative designers, sound engineers and executives. Projects produced by these individuals have top quality and potential. The years of experience maintained in both the business and creative sides of multimedia entertainment operations that enables us to deliver satisfactory services . 

Our Dream Team youth project promises to be one of the greatest ever!!  As this group will be the spark to creating jobs for the community.    
Benefits: · Creating Jobs, therefore reducing poverty in the world ·    Creating opportunities, Helping people reaching their dreams ·    
By Investing in this project the people together make a difference for the people.
If you would like to become a part of this project by being a sponsor to the dream team members - please send us a whatsapp to - 071 116 3955
Any Donation - weather it's a musical instrument, unwanted goods - furniture's, tools any Items just lying around - wood- galvanized plates  corrugated Iron, any usable material they could use making things - to learn new skills (anything that the youth could use at their entrepreneur days, workshops and classes)

One step at a time our music production team that we have formed consisting of young talented producers, musicians, artists, sound engineers and performers – (OUR DREAM TEAM) will learn skills and grow - we have, musicians, producers, songwriters, mastering engineers, photographers, artists, directors and more who works well together in creating something beautiful, with the smallest budgets, and with funds raised from this project we plan to reward each one accordingly as an employee of Cosmic Entertainment once they are ready. We will provide learning material and advice as well as projects and community projects where they will be volunteering, this will teach them new skills, as well as grow with the skills they arrived with. Jobs will be created and not only will lower income people or the unemployed and those less fortunate have a chance to be heard and seen but crime will become less, as here at Cosmic we don’t look at the amount of achievements or How many qualifications you have already, we give those who can’t afford the expense of further education a chance with their born talent and skills that they can offer, the skills and talent that they were giving by God will no be able to grow and will have a chance to be used and seen by the world.

“Where there were limits, there are no more. Where there were walls there are now open doors. We hear you, we see you and we want everyone else to see you too!”  
 - MystiQ The Mysterious

Talent Creates opportunities to be bigger than you have ever been” I believe in developing habits of the mind that are important for survival; and having a love and passion for music is an amazing tool for teaching, expressing and advocating chance for growth. “As musicians – we bring entertainment, healing, love and passion to a world that desperately needs it!” “Knowledge creates wisdom, wisdom creates power, and power creates strength!”
  - MystiQ The Mysterious

Here is a list of services and products we will be providing - 
1.      Entertainment Services
This Involves Live entertainment, karaoke bookings, shows, Competitions, DJ, music and more. 

 2.      Graphic and Creative Design Services
This Involve all design related projects in the arts and any business. (logo’s, corporate stationary, gift design, brand design, promotional gift, product brand, personalized gifts and so much more)  Gift Creation is Creating the perfect gifts money can’t buy anywhere. Personalized and specially crafted – with musical or poetry messages. Sentimental gift that’s straight from the heart. Music video gift or memorial – we create whatever you desire.

3.      Life Video production/ Animation and slide show videos -
This involves marketing videos, gift video, music videos, lyrical video, memorial video and blog videos.   

4.      Music Production/ Recording studio – 
This involve The production of all your new music using DAW and musical instruments –mixing and mastering and voice overs, -  songwriting and lyrics to final master production.      
5.      Musical healing therapy – This involves healing sessions with music, sound and instruments, meditation and guidance with a unique technique, using sound and frequency to heal.   

6.      Photography -  
We do all photo shoots - skilled and professional shoots at affordable rates - we have great packages - monthly give a ways and amazing new specials every month.

7.     Event Co-ordination and party platters 
This Involve us planning and arranging your event for you with your theme and instruction of needs - Décor, platter and eats, invitation and other printing and design needs, photography, videography, music, entertainers - kiddies parties, themed parties, wedding, corporate, special event - we do it all!

8.      Youth / talent Development – Managing and helping our group of young artist grow on their journey as stars. Working together as a group and volunteering to gain skill - Here we would like the help of the communities to please reach out and sponsor a member to kick start his career. Any Donations would also be highly appreciated - musical instruments / studio gear/ anything you don't want can be donated to our yard sales for entrepreneur training- get in touch with us to find out how to be more involved with our youth  projects.   

We will handle a variety of music genres including Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Alternative Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Urban and New Adult Contemporary. Cosmic Entertainment has compiled an exciting and diverse team of talented artists and producers. Our Dream team will also be given this opportunity once they have grown into the stars they are inside. (plus benefits as a signed artist and/or employee of Cosmic entertainment Infamous Records)

”I’d like to help build strong people who are not afraid of taking hold of their purpose and running with it. I want to help build the thinking person who does not make noise because he or she is forced to be silent”
 – MystiQ The Mysterious

Cosmic Entertainment is incorporated in the State of South-Africa. The majority of the Cosmic Entertainment projects will be produced at our home studio and home Office/class  in Marlands and Germiston Gauteng.  Creating high quality projects in a cost and time effective manner. Once we have established office space we will also set up our own studio and create rooms/offices the divisions.

Once established we would like to create:    

Music / Recording Studio department: The Music Department will be housed in two very distinct and beautiful complexes of specialized classrooms, practice rooms and performance spaces. Both streams of either classical or contemporary offer an in depth study of your instrument and music studies. Classes will include, History of Music, Theory, Arranging and Composition, Improvisation, Aural and Performance Solo performance, chamber music, vocal ensembles orchestra and more. There are basically four categories that all professionals who do business in the music.   

The Art /creative design Department: Here we will have talented teachers who are specialists in their fields. Tuition is offered in visual arts. Student workshops where the learners will work, will also include classes in  printmaking, painting, photography, graphic design and digital design also theory of design and visual art theory, These departments will immense in Two languages, one being English Home Language and the other either Afrikaans or isiZulu First.     And other workshops / class rooms for learning in the arts and culture industry.


We aim to generate informative, thrilling and visually explosive content for you. We strive to work to your requirements in the most efficient manner that you naturally expect from South Africa’s industry in entertainment and production. We promise Professionally managed, projects delivered on time and with positive reviews. Our creativity will transform your ideas into your masterpiece. Creative satisfaction guaranteed. Good teamwork is one of our strengths. As a multimedia company providing various services, working on projects in a wide range of fields, it is vital to the achievement of our goals. Teamwork is important within the company, and in our work with others, as it is what allows us to realize the benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration and achieve the best possible results.  
“   Team work makes the dream work!!  ”

The target market for Cosmic Entertainment & infamous projects is very diverse, as the company has many divisions of income, which clearly target the intended market, based on corporate and personal preferences and listening preferences and music genres. Cosmic Entertainment & infamous projects has something to offer for both our youth and senior citizens.

We have are a collective of digitally inspired producers and creators. Final production of projects and design is the job of the founder, and co-founder of Cosmic entertainment & Infamous Projects. As creative director, MystiQ Aka Sonneke Duvenhage Pypers, leads the conceptual design with writing, designing, production, co-ordination and project management. While Mr One AKA Hopeson Dzampana is in charge of technical operations in life production editing, sound, VFX, final animation and cinematography. We offer these services to all spectrums of video, music and creative production. These include branded content, corporate videos, Documentaries, music videos, event videography, wedding and venue videographers, birthdays, kiddies, themed, private and advertisement.

A qualified, experienced and talented staff has been selected to operate Cosmic Entertainment & infamous projects and its associated labels/divisions. Staff members have earned their skills in the areas of project production, creative design, leadership, management, artist repertoire, talent search and growth, event co ordination and production . This assemblage is poised to utilize its combined skills to ensure the growth and profitability of Cosmic Entertainment & infamous projects.

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